Saturday, 4 March 2017

More Quantum Codes

More Quantum Codes to be share with everybody!
To clear any confusion, ALL CODES ARE QUANTUM IN NATURE , and they are not somebody's property. Everybody can receive codes if they ASK, and if their vibration is correct to receive them correctly accurately and completely!
Please write them on your left hand to start with and respect the spacing! 
641 849 8989 Replicate DNA of Prime Creator 

555 12126969888888 696969 *all* blessings arrive NOW 

6969691111 4444 666 777 888 696969 *all* BLESSINGS MANIFEST NOW 

The Holy Sigil of The Seven Archangels 696969121212696969123456789696969 0000

The Holy Sigil of Archangel Michael 6969121266633399900099933366612126969

669 322 662 332 111 001 Alignment With Your Higher Self (Inspired from ReikiDoc KEY)


  1. Hi - I don't see this particular Code in the QuantumK PDF Scan List..... so can I ask where it came from originally and if it is still accurate and valid as it has an extra digit on the end? Many thanks.

  2. Hi
    Please see:
    Also google Grabovoi numbers and Reiki Doc Healing Codes .
    Hope it helps
    Fyi - QuantumK has some of the codes but not all of them :-) Andrew Kemp put those codes in a system so you can work with it in a more in depth way and as a practitioner. Silva Ray

  3. Replies
    1. Looks like that Code is a Grabovoi Code rather than a QuantumK Code.

    2. Hey! In Truth its not anyone's code. They are given to us by Divine Beings to use them! They have been around since Atlantis times and they are Quantum in Nature . If for example you use dousing for certain codes, it doest mean they are yours or mine :-)
      Mine/yours = possesion = ego = linearity. Searh "ReikiDoc" and she will explain more. Some codes come from Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary(for healing), other from other Ascended Masters , i.e Saint Germain/Thoth for Magic/transmutation/immortality . But at the base of it is GOD aka Ein Soph (kabbalah). There are codes used to hypnotise the masses through TV, politics etc (illumnti uses them). Those codes are not "theirs" , but they are hijacked- used against humanity. You can get codes as well- just have to learn how. Hope I have brought a bit of understanding. If you get some codes please share. Thanks