Friday, 31 March 2017

Remote Healing

What this is!

      This unique experience is based on fractal geometry, sound, colour, harmonics , symbols and crystal energy together with Divine Energies transmitted directly to You through Tachionic Energy (particle that works a speed higher than the speed of light). This whole "bundle" of energies works specifically for YOU the receiver - it doesn`t matter if you are well or unwell - it is always good to get some kind of energy top-up. Whether be for healing of just to feel better in general. It is received at the Higher Self / Highest Self level with your permission only, and from there to you, at the physical level. The system, in itself, operates at all the levels - Including but not limited to all bodies, fields, axiotonal, auric fields, minds and soul levels in all dimensions across all Universes . It is extremely comprehensive !!! After the transmission the effects may be felt continuously hours/days/weeks - it all depends how "used to" are you to this sort of healing!

      The system is not necessarily equal to , less than or better than any form of Reiki or any other form/type of remote healing or hands-on healing! They all work at with the same Divine Energy.
What differs from system to system is the amount and types of energy that is received by you - in this case - a BIG BUNDLE! 

Personal invitation

      I would like to invite you to a remote healing session that is done every week on Sunday at 11:00 pm. I do maximum 3 sessions per month 
      You do not have to be awake to receive the full benefits of the energy! It is my personal opinion that can work better if you are asleep because in a awakened state, your consciousness (ego) may resist, but that does not affect in anyway the transmission. Your higher self / highest self knows what to do and how to do it and at what time. 

"Silva`s List"

    I have put together a list of friends and family members for the Remote Healing sessions and i am getting some good feedback from some of them . A lot of my family members don`t know that I am doing it, but with their higher self`s permission, and because the intent behind it is for the highest good off all, it works anyway, maybe more subtlety, but it still works! 

     Like i said above, I am doing this for the highest good of all but, there is the financial part. 
     I only accept donations . Minimum £3 would be the cost for you to join "the List", and I would appreciate multiples of 3. Be that 6 - 9- 12 -27 - 333 . Its a question of 3x3x3 (numerology and Divine Patterns). You may have heard that 3 is a magic number. Well it is! 
       Once you`re in, you`re in! I can never "take you off" , because ...well because its practically impossible :) because of your higher self / highest self . Once you have received once you will always have it , there`s no going back. There is only up and forward :) 

"The kicker" 

     The body, the soul and mind are all multidimensionally  connected and "linked" - and so is all your family members and lineage - through DNA ! So if you think about it, when you receive the remote healing - they will benefit from it as well ! That`s how quantum stuff works .

    So what do you say ? 

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